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Chapples! All natural no sugar-added apple chips.

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Chapple \ˈch-a-pəl\:
1. A chip made from an apple.
2. A great snack from Evergreen Market.
3. Pure Deliciousness.

Evergreen Market's Cinnamon Apple Chips - Chapples

Original Chapples

Tangy Northern Michigan apples dried to a crispy perfection. Only fruit in the bag. No sweeteners, preservatives, or flavorings!

Many of us have heard of the KISS principle. It states: "Keep It Simple Stupid." We took these words of advice when creating our apple chips.

Our apple chips contain only apples!

Well, we add a hint of real lemon juice to keep these crunchy snacks looking gorgeous.

That's it, we promise!

Cinnamon Chapples

Tangy chapples dusted with high quality cinnamon. No sweeteners, preservatives, or flavorings. Just all natural apples!