Evergreen Market's Dried Fruit

Premium Michigan fruit available all year!

Dried tart cherries

Look no further for the best dried cherries around. These dried cherries are the classic cherries you know and love, the Montmorency tart cherry. Dried cherries are great for your health, with the highest level of antioxidants of any fruits. They go great in salads, baked goods, sauces, candies, muffins, and by themselves!

Dried balaton cherries

Similar to the Montmorency dried cherry, these cherries tend to be a little larger in size and have just a slightly sweeter taste. We are one of the few offering the dried Balaton tart cherry for sale. Used mainly for eating by themselves, but can be used in cooking.

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chocolate covered dried cherries

Who can deny a delightfully healthy dried cherry covered in chocolate? We use the plumpest cherries and apply a generous coating of fine chocolate. No doubt these are the best chocolate covered cherries around.

Dried blueberries

Another great source of antioxidant are dried blueberries. We are able to offer you these berries preserved to use year-round. Use them in blueberry pancakes, muffins, cookies, glazes, or just by themselves.

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Dried Cranberries

Evergreen Market is proud to offer these premium dried cranberries. They have a great tangy flavor that can be enjoyed year-round. Try these on salads, muffins, scones, or serve for Thanksgiving

apple granola

Evergreen Market is proud to introduce a grain-free, all natural granola with no sugars added! We have made a crunchy granola made entirely from apples. We add dried cherries, dried blueberries, slivered almonds, and coconut to make a well-rounded, delicious granola that anyone gluten intolerant can enjoy.

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