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Kale Chips! Healthy delicious snacking!

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A Raw Food!

Our kale chips are not fried or baked.
Raw foods have higher levels of nutrients. Our kale chips are air crisped to retain the extraordinary health benefits.

High in Nutrients!

Kale is one of the top super-foods.
Kale contains high levels of
Vitamins A, C, K, B6, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, and fiber.

Gluten Free! Vegan!

We keep our flavors simple and straightforward. Mother nature provides the ingredients and we we do the rest.

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Cook with Kale Chips:

  • Add to any kind of soup!
  • Load up a baked potato!
  • Add some greens to your pasta sauces!
  • Crumble on fish & bake/broil like breadcrumbs!
  • Roll a chicken breast in Cajun and cook on the grill!

PLA Biodegradable Container

100% Biodegradable Container

Made from 100% plant-based biodegradable PLA plastic.
Return back to nature in 45 days under composting conditions.
Made using 50% less fossil fuels than conventional plastics.

Enjoy your Kale Chips and promote the Evergreen way of life.

bunch of kale

Evergreen's Kale Chips:

  • Are a healthy enjoyable snack for children.
  • Do not have the bitterness of raw kale.
  • Are equivalent to an entire bunch of kale.
  • Are made/grown in Michigan!