Evergreen's Michigan Grown Lavender

Lavender bunches, lavender sachets, lavender oils, and fresh lavender

Michigan grown dried lavender bunches

Lavender Bunch

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The Traverse City region of Michigan is situated in a unique climate zone that is very similar to the regions of France that grow lavender. In 2009, Evergreen Market planted nearly two acres of this fragrant flowering herb. Situated among the famous cherry trees and close to the banks of Lake Michigan, we produce high quality beautiful lavender available for a variety of uses.

Michigan lavender field

Lavender Field

small lavender sachet large lavender sachet lavender bunch lavender essential oil

Small Sachet

Large Sachet

Dried Lavender Bunch

Lavender Oil

Lavender Laundry Bags

Small sachet used mainly for wedding favors. Great to keep in a purse or toss a few around the house.
Contact for bulk pricing.

A prefect size for use around your house. Put in your pillowcases, bathrooms, dresser drawers, closets, car dashboard...

A nice sized bunch of our Michigan Grown Lavender. Place in a vase without water for beauty and scents for years to come. Pure lavender essential oil. Use for a variety of purposes. A little goes a long way.
1 oz. bottle.
Hand-sewn, fabric dryer bags filled with lavender. Each bag is good for about 10 cycles. Toss in with your linens.
3 bags/pack .
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