Shipping & Returns

We aim to keep shipping costs as low as possible and pass savings on to you. In order to achieve this, we look at where the package is going and how much it weighs.

We use one of two services:

2) UPS
All shipping rates are quoted through UPS. The rates are based on weight and where the package is going. We use UPS rates and do no charge any surcharges.

1) US Postal Service
Flat Rate Shipping boxes from the United Postal Service allow us to fill a box with as much weight for one flat rate anywhere in the US. Prices are based on box size, not weight. This makes it impossible to quote shipping rates online at the time of purchase. Savings are usually seen when the package weighs a lot, or is going a great distance.

We save you money! - - If we can ship your package for a lesser price than what you are charged, we will offer a coupon code for the difference in shipping prices

No Handling Fees
We never charge a handling fee or a packing fee.

Any items broken, damaged, or incorrect due to errors by us will be replaced or refunded. Food products cannot typically be returned for other reasons due to their sensitive nature.
Frozen foods will be packaged and shipped in an expedited manner. However, we will not be held responsible for damages incurred by shipping. Claims should be filed with mail carriers if damages occur in transit.